Lab Supplies

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At Thomas Scientific, we offer an extensive range of laboratory supplies, ideal for all laboratory applications. Laboratory supplies are essential in applications that require conducting research, experiments, and precise tests within a controlled environment.

All products have a specific use within the laboratory and provide individual benefits to ensure the smooth running of the lab. Products available from our lab supply catalog include autoclave labels, lab trays, lab ovens, and refrigerators to assist with transporting, storing, and holding materials.

Lab instruments available are ideal for measuring, sorting, dispensing, and handling all materials precisely and efficiently. Product range includes autoclaves, hotplate stirrers, and Vortex Mixers, ideal for maximum lab operation and efficiency. We also offer an extensive range of Lab chemicals, reagents, and consumables to provide reliable, accurate results.

Lab furniture and scientific laboratory equipment include stands, scales, centrifuges, and microscopes to assist with lab functions and achieve precise, accurate results.