Small, Micro & Mini Funnels

Small, micro, and mini funnels are designed for precise liquid handling and transfer in laboratory settings. These small micro funnels are essential for directing fluids into containers with small openings, ensuring minimal spillage and maintaining accuracy in volume transfer. The compact size makes them ideal for use with test tubes, beakers, and flasks — where space and precision are crucial.

Features of these funnels include a tapered stem that fits securely in various lab apparatuses, smooth internal surfaces for efficient liquid flow, and durable construction materials like plastic or glass that resist chemical corrosion. Their design is tailored for easy handling and effective separation of mixtures or the addition of reagents in small quantities.

The primary benefit of using these funnels is their ability to facilitate accurate and clean transfer of liquids in a laboratory environment. Their size makes them particularly useful for tasks that require precision, such as sample preparation, titration, and solution dilution. These funnels are indispensable tools for laboratories seeking to provide high standards of accuracy and efficiency in liquid handling.
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