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  • BrandTech®

    The BrandTech 44 mm long adapter is made from sturdy silicone material for added strength. This adapter is an ideal accessory to use with macro™ pipette controllers.

  • Holder Insert for Pipet-Aid

  • Bellco Glass

    The original portable pipet-aid is rechargeable self contained unit that provides 2 hours of pipetting before recharging is necessary. Includes battery charger and tissue culture nose piece. Specifications: Pipets Over 2000 Times Without Recharging Flow Rate Better Than 25ml At 5 Seconds…

  • Bellco Glass

    Standard unit for convenient alternative to mouth pipetting in the laboratory. A patented easy to use volume control mechanism permits precise fluid intake and delivery. Features a 115V or 230V pump with optional  tissue culture nose piece or air filter. Specifications: Available With Or…

  • Replacement charger for 7780A15; 7780A20

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Pipette pumps are essential for filling pipettes with the accuracy needed in the lab. Our pumps grip pipettes tightly, have both a thumb-wheel for precision in delivery and a quick-release option, and are easily cleaned. They come in 2ml, 10ml, and 25ml capacities. PRODUCT WARNINGS Our…

  • Non-sterile filters for use with Drummond tissue culture nosepiece only Specifications: Case Quantity: 5

  • labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    labForce® Multi-Channel Capable Pipette racks are unique in their ability to accommodate multi-channel pipettes without sacrificing any of the stability of a traditional acrylic rack. The patent pending “windows” allow the user to insert the multi-channel head long ways through the…

  • Bellco Glass

    Pipet-Aid Pump 115v

  • Bellco Glass

    Rubber Bulb Ideal use for plain top pipettes Specifications: Bulb Opening: 4mm Plain Top Pipettes and Shortie Pipettes Size: 1mL to 10mL

  • Cadence Science

    For 1, 2 and 5 mL and 5-10 mL syringes Includes 760 mm of vinyl tubing Valve kit consists of a chrome-plated brass, two-way valve and chrome-plated brass inlet sinker. Tubing is included. For 1 to 10 mL syringes.

  • DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Add protection against liquid fill or pipette contamination. Filters are interchangeable Non-sterile Non-autoclavable Fits Socorex macro model pipettes.

  • The Tissue Culture Nose-piece eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination due to over-pipetting. It incorporates a dual hydrophilic 0.8 µm, hydrophobic 0.8 µm filter which prevents further use once contaminated by fluid. This double membrane filter provides a barrier to particles as small as…

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