Spill Control Kits

Lab spill control kits are essential in a lab environment. These kits offer ensuring swift and effective responses to spills, designed to protect personnel and the workspace.

At the forefront of our spill control supplies is the hydrofluoric acid neutralizing kit, a critical resource in any lab handling corrosive substances. It allows for quick neutralization and containment of acid spills, mitigating risks and preventing damage to personnel and surfaces. Equally important are chemical absorbent pads, designed to quickly soak up and immobilize various liquid spills, from solvents to oils, ensuring a clean and safe working area.

Spill drums offer a robust solution for larger-scale spill management, providing secure containment and easy disposal options. For biological hazards, the disposable biohazard spill kit is a must-have, enabling safe and efficient cleanup of potentially infectious substances.

Each of these products are essential at maintaining a safe laboratory environment. They exemplify efficiency, accuracy, and safety, offering peace of mind and reliability in the event of spills. Explore our range of spill control kits and supplies, and ensure your lab is prepared for any incident with our comprehensive spill control solutions.

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