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BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) Equipment and Supplies, including BOD Equipment and bod seed, are crucial for environmental monitoring and wastewater treatment. These tools measure the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms when decomposing organic matter in water, providing essential data for assessing water quality and pollution levels. BOD equipment, designed for precision and reliability, and BOD seed, which contains standardized microorganisms, ensures accurate and consistent results. This equipment is vital for environmental scientists and engineers in designing and evaluating wastewater treatment systems, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting aquatic ecosystems. The use of BOD Equipment and Supplies highlights the importance of maintaining water quality and offers a direct method for measuring the impact of organic pollutants on the environment.

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BOD Analysis

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  • Environmental Express

  • Convenient, fast and cost-effective BOD5 analysis with consistent results. Each capsule contains a minimum of 100 mg of specialized microbial cultures ideal for use in a broad range of areas involving degradation of industrial and municipal waste. Formulated according to The Standard…

  • Evaluation possibility/data transfer to PC for documentation according to GLP with the respirometric OxiTop® Control meter for BOD self check measurement Convenient operation via controller Suitable for large sample volumes - up to 100 parallel samples Time-saving and error-free…

  • Respirometric OxiTop® measuring system for BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples – measuring ranges up to 4,000mg/l BOD possible Simple handling without dilution series Data security by built-in measured value memory Suitabe for immediate use Complete…

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is an expression for the quantity of oxygen required for biological degradation of organic matter in a waste water sample. BOD measurement is used as a basis for the detection of biologically degradable organic matter in water. The difference between BOD and…

  • Nitrification inihibitor, light protected bottle with content 25 ml. Concentration 5 g/l allylthiourea.

  • quick-ship


    Convenient, fast and cost-effective CBOD5 analysis with consistent results. Each capsule of specialized microbial cultures contains a chemical additive for the inhibition of nitrifying bacteria in wastewater samples. Designed to provide a standard seed source for the degradation of both…

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