COVID-19 monitoring Solutions

Is prescribed social distancing difficult to implement at your workplace?

Are supply chain disruptions, statutory restrictions, and workplace unpredictability leaving you burdened?

From sanitizing stations to testing kits, Thomas Scientific wants to provide you with the perfect solution for your company's needs in the fight against COVID-19.

Find The Right Solution for You!

Innovative Solution: SANIQuik™ Sanitation Unit

15-Second Sanitizing System & Body Temperature Check

Certified Organic and Environmentally Safe
15-Second Pass Through
240 People/Hour
1-Second Thermal ScanOrganic and Safe


  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses instantly with an organic sanitizing solution
  • Only 15 sec. for complete Sanitizing Process
  • Thermal Imaging (temperature in 1 sec) If high temp is detected there is a voice alert
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use (Internal lights for low light areas)
  • Automatically sanitizes any carry through items (purses, briefcases , etc...)
  • Ultrasonic misting system prevents wetting

Sanitizer: Sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol to kill the germs they contact. The high alcohol percentage breaks down the cell walls of germs to kill them, they are the most effective in reducing bacteria that can cause disease. Alcohol concentrations lower than 60% will reduce the growth of germs rather than kill them.

Face Mask: Masks are designed to meet CDC guidance for cloth face covering while also providing a comfortable fit.Thomas provides N95 respirators, surgical masks, disposable face masks, and cloth masks for your specific needs.

Face Shield: Limit the spread of viruses, bodily fluids, and health hazards from an infected person by wearing a protective disposable face shield. Face shields are optically clear for peripheral visibility.

Innovative Solution: Saliva Collection Kit

DNA and viral RNA samples

Simple - Single device for DNA and viral RNA whole saliva collection, transportation, & Storage

Compatible - Collection tube is compatible with automated platforms and customizable for incremental efficiency improvements

Intuitive - Intuitive 3-step design, proven to reduce customer collection errors

Storage - Post collection stability at room temperature for one year. Shelf life 24-months at room temperature for DNA

Efficient - Significantly reduces costs associated with sample  failures and recollection

Shipping - Standard mail at ambient temperature over 2- weeks

Solution - Innovative, patented stabilizing chemistry that preserves & protects healthy DNA/viral RNA, manages bacteria & delivers complete live virus neutralization

Swabs: Nasopharyngeal flocked swabs utilize innovative nylon fibre technology under condition of electro-static field. Vertical fixed fine flocking provides excellent sample collection and release. For minimizing invasive bacteria, the plastic stick involves a breakpoint.

VTM: Used for collection, storage and transportation of human nasopharyngeal virus samples.

Autosamplers: Fulfill all your large and small-scale automated sampling needs. Automated sample probe arm and stationary sample racks virtually eliminate errors. Integrated rinse station reduces sample contamination and carryover. 

Centrifuge Tubes: Centrifuge Tubes have been designed for high speed centrifugation and meet the demands of the most crucial scientific work. Produced using premium grade USP Class VI resins in an automated, touch free manufacturing process that provides both ultimate performance and cost savings to users.

Innovative Solution:
QuikLab™ Mobile COVID-19 Testing Lab

Rapid Drive-Thru and Walk Up Testing Units

The QuikLAB™ is designed and manufactured to provide on-site COVID-19 testing services to hospitals, businesses and communities where rapid incremental infrastructure is needed. Now you can get all the tests you need done out-of-building, 24/7, eliminating the logistic challenges of conventional off site testing.

QuikLAB™ is made in the USA and offers a high-quality, cost-efficient and climate controlled turnkey testing lab.


  • A Certified CLIA lab on site - Rapid results
  • QuikLAB’s™ are a fully turnkey COVID-19 Testing Facility and can be added quickly and cost effectively. Operational within hours
  • Drive-thru or Walk-up QuikLAB’s™
  • A quick and simple screening process that provides a safer environment for visitors, staff, customers and residents
  • Creates a safer environment that will help reduce the stress of visiting your facility

Antibody Test: Intended for use as an aid in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection.

PCR Test: One-step RT-PCR Kit for the detection of SARS-CoV2-specific RNA in specimens including serum from suspected patients. Can be used on human respiratory tract specimens and serves as an ideal molecular diagnostic tool.

Environmental & Wastewater Test: Identify rooms where COVID-19 spreaders were present without human testing and verifies effectiveness of cleaning procedures. Regular and on-going monitoring of wastewater effluent can be used as a lead indicator of the infection in a community or work site.

Automation Tips: Manufactured to stringent specifications under strict process controls and assembled via automation to ensure consistent performance and quality. Tips are certified RNase-/DNase-free and nonpyrogenic.

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Innovative Solution:
Eurofins SAFER@WORK™

As half of the world population is preparing to live a new normal life by slowly going back to work, Eurofins SAFER@WORK™ offers a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services to make this step as smooth as possible and maximize confidence for workers and consumers in their environment. Thomas Scientific is proud to support this effort and service to our customers.

The Eurofins SAFER@WORK™ program is designed by our worldwide experts in testing and assurance services in order to help industries across the world to set up advanced risk management protocols to contribute to limiting the impact of COVID-19 on their business.

Eurofins offers six lines of defense against SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19:

  1. Authorized COVID-19 PCR testing to discover who is currently infected
  2. Antibody testing to reveal who has been exposed
  3. Surface and wastewater testing to proactively monitor your facility
  4. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants -- tested and certified
  5. Detailed action plan for your organization curated by leading epidemiologists
  6. Sanitization training, auditing, and verified seal to return with confidence

Designed for every operation across multiple industry sectors, the Eurofins SAFER@WORK™ program provides a set of auditing, consulting, training and testing solutions, tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking to restart your factory, distribution center, retail shop, restaurant, hotel or you’re bringing your employees back to work at the office we can help.

Eurofins SAFER@WORK™ is the only long-term solution on the market today that provides the comprehensive testing strategies and practical implementation approaches critical to reducing the impact of COVID-19 on your business.

Stop the Spread with 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Keep Your Distance – Be mindful in public places to put at least 6 ft of distance between yourself and other people.

Step 2: Wear a Mask or Cloth Face Covering – While you are maintaining social distancing, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering will protect others if you are sick, or if you don’t know you are sick.

Step 3: Wash Your Hands – Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer. If soap and water are not readily available, be sure to use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Find the Right Solution For You!

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