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Your mission is based in research and science, ours is in identification and tracking. With Labware Prep™ Services, and your Thomas Work Flow Consultant, our experts can take on the preparation and identification process, so yours can focus on critical research and discoveries.

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Having served the life sciences industry for over four decades, we understand the importance and complexity of your data. Which is why we work with you to provide prepared labware suited to your needs.

Through Labware Prep™ Services you are able to receive labware with customized barcode sequences, logo’s, graduation lines or other markings pre-applied to your labware using technologies suited to your specific application. Sequences are thoroughly checked for inconsistencies using our proprietary technology to ensure the integrity of your specimens.

If your processes require more prep than barcoding, you can opt into various additional services including: tare weighing, DNA/RNAse free handling, kitting and custom packaging.

Sequence Management Services
Sequence integrity is critical in the lab. Your barcodes will be scanned by our proprietary vision system to ensure all barcodes received are usable.

Advanced Marking Technologies
One of the defining features of Labware Prep™ Services is our selection of marking technologies: pressure sensitive, cured ink, laser, fused and ceramic. Each is designed to fit a different environment and budget.

Sorting, Kitting & Packaging
Want your order organized and/or packaged in a specific way? Let us know your requirements and we’ll make sure your order arrives at your lab ready to use. Whether you want your pieces sorted sequentially, organized into kits or packaged to meet specific requirements, we’ll work with your needs.

If an accurate tare-weight of your labeled, empty labware is one of the first steps in your process we can take care of that for you. Our team will weigh your tubes prior to packaging and send along a report with your results.

Controlled Production
Need to ensure your labware isn’t contaminated with DNA/RNA? No worries. We have controlled production rooms where operators will prepare your order wearing protective gear in a hygienic environment to ensure your labware remains nase-free. If requested, we can provide certification alongside this service.

One of the defining features of Labware Prep™ Services is our advanced labeling technologies. Each is designed to withstand common laboratory chemical exposures and temperatures. Some materials and methods are validated for liquid phase nitrogen storage, extreme high temperatures and strong chemicals.

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • UV Cured Ink
  • Laser
  • Fused
  • Ceramic


How It Works:

Step 1.
Work with your Thomas Workflow Consultant to select the best labware solution for your application.

Step 2.
Fill out a simple one-sided form to describe your labware prep needs – including barcoding, grad lines, tare weighing and package format – for the labware you would like to receive.

Step 3.
You’re done, now your Thomas rep will work with Computype to provide you with a proposed design, and if needed for validation, live samples for your inspection, normally at no cost to you.

Once validated, you will receive a detailed proof/drawing for your review and approval then we go to work producing your custom labware with a turn time of typically 4 weeks from proof approval.

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