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Molecular Diagnostics

The proper extraction of nucleic acids from samples can play a significant role in the accuracy of viral load testing, amongst other things. Understanding when chemical removal is required – and how it should be handled – is crucial and can vary greatly based on your lab’s overall workflow processes and research objectives. Read More

At Thomas Scientific, we are customer-centric and process-driven rather than catalog-driven. We engage scientists to discover the best technical solutions for customer needs and are constantly onboarding new, innovative products. Our aim is to streamline our customers' DNA and RNA extraction process, enabling a seamless transition into the next phase of their molecular diagnostics workflow.

RNA extraction, magnetic beads, KingFisher products, and more. Achieve more in less time with Thomas Scientific – and get back to helping the world move forward.

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This is dependent on many factors, but the short answer is no. Thomas Scientific can actually help you move towards an extraction-free process. Get in touch with one of our specialists today

While not all transport media require cleanup, magnetic bead or spin column will both suffice for VTM. Please see the categories above for products that can assist with both methods.

While we cannot make an absolute guarantee due to extreme demand, we are very well positioned thanks to our secure supply chain and strong manufacturer relationship. We also offer Thomas Inventory Management Solutions services to help ensure your operations remain in optimal working order. Visit ThomasSci.com/VMI-Services for more information.

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