Spooky Science: Behind the Blood Spatter

In honor of the spookiest month of the year, it’s time to dive into the science behind blood pattern analysis and its evolving role in forensics. Read More >

Get In the Know! Considerations When Specifying Lab Seating…

When purchasing laboratory seating, it’s important to understand how the working postures and movements as well as the primary responsibilities of users within the numerous disciplines of the industry can differ dramatically from those of staff in the office and other more conventional work environments. 

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Explore the next generation of Orion Bench Meters

For 60 years, Orion lab products have helped scientists solve some of the most challenging issues facing society today. Whether they are used to bring safe drinking water to the community, test the quality and safety of food or beauty products or discover new drug therapies, Orion products deliver precise and accurate readings in the field and laboratory.

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Form Follows Function - LifeCycle Biotechnologies

Our cross-context design process allowed us to innovate a product that easily overcame the limitations of the bottles most commonly used in aseptic manufacturing. 

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Bringing Speed, Agility, and Precision to qPCR

Whether you’re looking to make significant improvements in throughput or simply trying to firm up smaller steps, this single instrument will provide a foundation for efficiency within your qPCR workflow.

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Thomas Scientific Bolsters Distribution and Sales Capabilities With Acquisition of NCI

PRESS RELEASE: 120+ year industry veteran expands presence in Midwestern US, broadens cleanroom, histology, and microscopy portfolio. Read More >

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Lab's Environmental Footprint?

Laboratories are finding innovative solutions that not only meet their research needs but also increase eco-efficiency.

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Anti Fog Technology: Why You Need it and How to Care for it

For many Life Sciences workers wearing goggles is an essential part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves against harsh chemicals and the product from contamination.

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When Storage Tubes and Microcentrifuge tubes may not make sense…

There are many times that a storage tube or microcentrifuge tube just does not make sense for your application, and the polypropylene plate can be the perfect solution. Plates are ideal as solutions for short- and long-term sample storage or for use as an intermediate in assays sample preparation. 

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Thomas Scientific Now Offering MicroGEM’s Innovative Sal6830 Fast Saliva RT-PCR COVID-19 Test

PRESS RELEASE: Expanded partnership boosts the Thomas Scientific Diagnostics portfolio and MicroGEM’s distribution capability. Read More >

Why the LGBTQIA2S+ community is essential in STEM

LGBTQIA2S+ individuals have long been underrepresented in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This is likely due to a combination of factors, including workforce discrimination and a lack of support from educators and mentors. As a result, LGBTQIA2S+ students often feel isolated and alone in their pursuit of STEM careers.

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Protect your Vacuum Pump and Yourself

Did you ever walk into a laboratory and notice a vacuum flask used as a Trap for a Vacuum pump?  Most are pretty gross with mystery matter growing inside.

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Comparing Flocked Swabs to Traditional Swabs: The Guide

What are flocked swabs and why do they provide superior specimen collection? Find out in this educational article from Puritan Medical Products

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Selecting the right PPE so your cleanroom is safe and successful

Many common products — from smartphones to medical devices to medications — must be manufactured in cleanroom environments. Because these products are delicate and in some cases potentially harmful to those handling them, cleanrooms are highly controlled and regulate conditions such as air quality and flow, temperature, and humidity. 

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Foxx Life Sciences and Thomas Scientific Join Forces to Simplify Media Bottle Ordering

PRESS RELEASE: Leading global Single-Use Systems manufacturer forms unique distribution channel with North America’s largest pure-play distributor to provide customizable sterile media bottle assemblies. Read More >

Optimizing Efficiency Within the PCR Workflow

Discussing the importance of maintaining an efficient, error-free workflow when performing PCR testing. Navigate to the end for a free interactive PCR workflow flyer. Read More >

Research Right: How to Obtain Accurate Scientific Information

Reviewing the best tips for obtaining the most accurate scientific information available. Read More >

Keeping Your People and Products Safe

Risks and hazards within the Life Sciences industry varies dependent on the environment, facility and the task being undertaken. Whether working with hazardous chemicals whilst compounding vital drugs and vaccines or handling hazardous chemicals during semiconductor/micro-electronic manufacturing, biological hazards in biomanufacturing or assembling medical devices which must be absolutely contamination free, the appropriate level of PPE is key.

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Heating & Stirring 101

When is it best to use a Hotplate vs Overhead Stirrer brought to you by Heidolph

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pH Standards: a pHresh Take

pH standards are used in many unique applications such as fabric dying, cosmetics manufacturing, and the production of alcohol! Learn how Inorganic Ventures can provide confidence, control, and support for proper pH meter calibration.

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Thermo Scientific TSX Ultra Low Freezers are Energy Saving & High Performing

For many scientists who see themselves as environmentally conscious, it can be a wake-up call when faced with the scale of their collective carbon footprint. As such, laboratories are under increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable practices to lower their environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner and safer society. But what can be done to make scientific research and industry more eco-friendly?

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Swabs and Transport Media Ready to Ship from Thomas Scientific

Shop now for key products from Copan and Supera that will help maintain optimal efficiency within your diagnostics workflow. Read More >

Top 5 Mistakes Every Cannabis Lab Should Avoid

As the cannabis industry rapidly evolves, so does the laboratory testing that is necessary to ensure product safety and quality. Laboratories in the cannabis industry face unique challenges and must take specific precautions to avoid making mistakes. Here are five of the most common mistakes that every cannabis lab should avoid. Read More >

The Science of Love

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! But what is love, exactly? And why do we feel it? Scientists have been asking these questions for centuries, and they've come up with some pretty interesting answers. So, if you're curious about the science of love, read on! You might be surprised by what you learn.

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Thomas Scientific Unveils Dedicated Cannabis Team to Serve Rapidly Growing Industry

122-year industry veteran positions itself to gain share in the promising market through a combination of product availability, expertise, and distribution excellence. Read More >

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