When Storage Tubes and Microcentrifuge tubes may not make sense…

There are many times that a storage tube or microcentrifuge tube just does not make sense for your application, and the polypropylene plate can be the perfect solution. Plates are ideal as solutions for short- and long-term sample storage or for use as an intermediate in assay sample preparation. The inherently low-binding and inert polypropylene resin offers high chemical resistance and high levels of recovery for almost all sample types.


Thermo Scientific Nunc storage plates have over 40 years of quality in plastics manufacturing. They innovated the SharedWell technology that increases the well diameter and reduces the plate height for optimized workflows and offers the highest sterility assurance levels in the industry for cell-based applications (SAL 10-6). 

Thermo Scientific uses specifically selected virgin medical-grade resin in both product lines to secure the integrity of your sample throughout the workflow.


Key questions to ask when selecting a plate starting with the type of workflow:

  • 384 well vs 96 well – selecting based on sample volume and assay efficiency
  • Square vs Round Wells – selecting based on mixing requirements and sample recovery
  • V bottom vs U bottom – selecting based on using magnetic beads and sample recovery
  • Short vs Tall plates – selecting based on storage requirements, and automated systems
  • Sterile vs Non-Sterile – selecting based on the length of time the sample is required in the workflow

After establishing the style of the plate above additional questions will include:

  • Equipment compatibility – centrifugal force, magnet style, pipette tip size
  • Application-specific requirements – adhesive or heat seal, CapMats and Lids
  • Storage conditions – temperature and time


Various formats of 48, 96, and 384 well polypropylene sample processing MicroWell and DeepWell storage plates are an economical and reliable solution for sample storage in the following markets and applications

  • High-throughput screening and low-binding assays in drug discovery
  • Molecular biology and diagnostics testing
  • Drugs of abuse testing
  • Sample processing in genomic applications

Thermo Scientific sample processing and storage plates are designed to work with multiple sealing formats including thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cap mats, adhesive seals, and heat seals. Our full range of sealing equipment is designed to meet the needs of any lab from basic research to high throughput automated handling operations.


Several sealing options are available for maintaining the integrity of your plate contents, allowing you to work with, store, and retrieve your samples confidently. 



Storage Plate CapMats

96-well Cap Mats for Thermo Scientific Nunc polypropylene plates are designed to protect well contents from evaporation, outside contamination, and cross-well contamination during storage across a variety of temperature conditions. They are available in a pierceable format for secure and repeated access to the well and are compatible with our SuperSealer for ergonomic reproducible sealing.



Sealing Films, Foils, and Tapes

Thermo Scientific Nunc Sealing Tapes minimize evaporation and protect samples from contamination and spilling. Adhesive seals are ideal for all assay applications including PCR, qPCR, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Cell Culture, and ELISA. Additionally, they are an economical way to seal and store samples across a wide range of temperature conditions.


Heat Seals

Thermo Scientific Abgene Heat Seals are available in sheets and compatible with the Thermo Scientific ALPS 50V and the higher throughput roll format of seals that can provide up to 5000 seals with our ALPS3000 and ALPS5000 sealers. Foil, films, and tapes that can adhere to and secure your samples in the standard polymer formats for PP, PS, PE, & COC plates expand applications from PCR, qPCR, and ELISA to long-term storage, and kitting applications.


Storage Plate Lids

Thermo Scientific Nunc storage and universal microplate lids are available with condensation rings, evaporation barriers, and automation compatible features.

Remember, when you have short and intermediate storage goals, storage plates may offer an ideal solution for your needs


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