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Analytik Jena

SpeedMill PLUS Homogenizer

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SpeedMill PLUS Homogenizer

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  • Flexible and reproducible homogenization for various starting materials
  • Efficient sample cooling during the whole preparation
  • Broad portfolio of optional innuSPEED nucleic acid extraction kits and lysis tubes

The SpeedMill PLUS is an efficient homogenization system for use with a variety of starting materials, including extremely difficult samples such a cartilage, seeds and ticks. The homogenized samples can be used for subsequent isolation and purification of DNA, RNA or proteins. The homogenization process is based on a patent-pending, gearless mechanical principle with efficient Double-Action Technology. This process supplies swift vertical movements to the sample, with entry of energy at the top and bottom of the lid. This process greatly reduces heat build-up inside the tube.

The unique anodized aluminum sample holder allows for passive sample cooling down and can be stored at temperatures to –80 °C. Refrigerating or freezing the sample holder prior to homogenization enables efficient sample cooling during the entire homogenization process. The sample holder allows for easy storage and transport of sample tubes.

Operating processes, such as loading and removing sample tubes, are very simple with no tools required. The large display and user-intuitive touch control permit easy use of pre-installed and user-defined protocols. Homogenization parameters, including time and cyclic routines, are easily selectable.

The SpeedMill PLUS can be used with a variety of nucleic acid extraction kits including Analytik Jena's innuSPEED nucleic acid extraction kits, lysis tybes or other brands. All innuSPEED kits are optimized for extremely fast and efficient nucleic acid isolation. The yields produced are impressively high and the quality of the isolated nucleic acids is outstanding. These kits contain special Lysis Tubes with application-specific beads as well as pre-made buffers. DNA isolation: Mechanical disruption of starting material is followed by a proteolytic lysis step. Genomic DNA is adsorbed onto a Spin Filter, washed and then eluted. The yield and quality of the DNA are excellent. RNA isolation: After the mechanical disruption and denaturation of the starting material, genomic DNA is removed by adsorbtion onto an initial Spin Filter. The RNA is then adsorped onto a second Spin Filter, followed by a wash step and finally by elution of the RNA.

System parameters 
Homogenization time30 sec to 4 min (depending on the starting material)
DNA/RNA purification time20 - 30 min for standard protocols (complete nucleic acid purification)
Device handlingStand-alone device, simple starting and handling of device by using modern touch sensors
Acceleration timeNo acceleration
Deceleration timeNo declaration
Application parameters 
Homogenization routinesUser-defined programming with user-defined parameters, as well as pre-programmed protocols
Sample handlingSimple sample tube loading and removal
Sample capacityUp to 20 samples simultaneously
Sample coolingPassive cooled sample holder; storage at temperatures down to –80°C
Programming parameters 
Homogenization time range1 sec to 4:59 min
Steps of adjusting time1 sec
Pre-programmed protocolsYes
User-defined protocolsYes
Storable protocols20
Number of cycles1 - 99
Protocol steps1 - 6

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