ESM Welcomes Thomas Scientific to Partnered Supplier Network

Thomas Scientific is helping science create a better world by providing quality products with personal, timely and efficient service. The New Jersey-based company looks to work with and build up institution’s scientific educational offerings. Thomas Scientific have been providing a substantial range of science-based items for over 120+ years.

In line with their number one focus, to provide excellent service to Scientists’, you will find they offer a personalized level of dedication to researchers, such as offering the very latest equipment and supplies to the science community, and they are committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of the individual customer.

“Our top priority is always the customer,” said Strategic Account Manager, Andrew Darress, at Thomas Scientific. “Our experts work to find solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. Each procurement that we fulfil helps to further scientific reasoning and better our world. We are driven every day to make sure we are providing the highest level of support for all our customers”.

“The Thomas Scientific team stays in touch with modern research needs to ensure that they are offering the right product and keeping pace with industry innovations. “Thomas Scientific has always been committed to providing the best service and quality care to our customers, which is why we’ve continued searching for new and revolutionary technologies and equipment” continued Andrew. “We believe that this partnership will continue to help us provide the quality care and service that has been a hallmark of Thomas Scientific since 1900” Andrew concluded.

Growing relationships and capabilities

Growing relationships and capabilities Relationships are important for Thomas Scientific, as they aim to be the most trusted partner in science for their customers, suppliers and associates. In part, this is achieved by strategic sourcing of top-quality suppliers and of the products they offer. All of which helps Thomas Scientific to support research outcomes and student success.

Part of the company’s recent growth included bolstering their distribution and sales capabilities with the acquisition of NCI a Minneapolis-based laboratory equipment, cleanroom supplier, microscopy, histology, and nanotech solution provider. Thomas Scientific can now offer educational institutions an even broader technical suite of solutions, furthering their mission to be the most trusted partner in science.

Thomas Scientific offers customized support and product solutions to a variety of learning laboratory environments, needs and budgets. Helping science create a better world by providing quality products with personal, timely and efficient service they stay abreast of the latest scientific educational trends with competitive product lines such as laboratory supplies, instruments, equipment, chemicals safety equipment and much more. With over 800,000 items there is an extensive catalog selection to choose from.

Shared partner values

“Increasing investments in the education sector to generate a pool of science talent is supporting the expansion of research laboratories across the education sector, and positively impacting the market growth of laboratory supplies” said Joshua Faith, Chief Executive, ESM Solutions, “and with rising focus on digital supply chains, Thomas Scientific is responding, extending a relationship with ESM Solutions that started back in 2016”.

“Thomas Scientific is our latest Partnered Supplier for all things science” according to Natasha, who continues “ESM is focused on bringing together the best suppliers focused on education and combining easy access to their goods and services, yet with the compliance and controls needed to meet institutional and statutory procurement requirements”.

“Thomas Scientific is delighted with the announcement of our newly extended partnership with ESM. As a Partnered Supplier within ESM’s education vendor network” continues Andrew, “we are excited to showcase our catalog items and knowledgeable sales staff, backed by our industry experience. Our team is dedicated to helping customers choose the right products to grow in-class scientific learning”. Thomas Scientific integrates with ESM Purchase for 24/7 ordering of over 800,000 products.

Thomas Scientific’s Andrew concludes, “this partnership will allow us to provide our institutional customers with access to all of their laboratory needs through one convenient order platform, streamlining the ordering process and ensuring that all orders are processed quickly and accurately.”

If you’d like to know more about Thomas Scientific and its interesting origin story, check out this YouTube link.

Strategic Account Manager, Andrew Darress

Supplier Relationship Manager, Natasha Bradenberg

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