Detection – PCR Machines, Thermal Cycler

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Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular detection needs can vary depending on whether your lab is focused on a single test type or many at once. Our expansive offering of thermal cycler, PCR machine, and other detection products will allow you to isolate and accurately identify multiple types of pathogens or conditions with the utmost confidence. Not sure which products are best for your needs? Our workflow consultants are happy to meet with you and point you in the right direction.

Within our molecular diagnostics range, we also provide a number of liquid handling supplies, including pipet tips and transfer pipets.


This depends on the amplification method. For qPCR, amplification and detection occur at the same time. For end-point PCR, a plate reader such as the Tecan Spark is well suited. We can help with both.

Multiplexing can save sample resources by allowing you to measure the expressions of multiple genes in a reaction. We offer a number of products including electrophoresis instruments, gels, and reagents to help get the job done.

Glad you asked! We are proud to offer Thomas Prime – a tiered program that allows you to earn credit back based on the amount you spend. Please contact our support team for more information.

Visit the Molecular Diagnostic page for more FAQs.

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