Thomas Scientific Awarded Cooperative Contract Saving Time for Public Sector Agencies

Thomas Scientific, a leading provider of laboratory supplies and equipment, has been awarded a competitively-solicited contract with Region 14 ESC, available through OMNIA Partners. This solicitation through NCPA is now available through OMNIA Partners providing a streamlined procurement process and enables Thomas Scientific to provide exceptional support and services to customers in the public sector.

For over 120 years, Thomas Scientific has been providing quality laboratory supplies and equipment to foster research and innovation. Through this cooperative contract, Thomas Scientific will now be able to extend its reach into the public sector, offering customers a wide selection of products at discounted prices.

Andrew Darress, Director of Strategic Alliances for Thomas Scientific, remarked on the partnership, "the cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners represents a significant milestone in our continuous effort to broaden our outreach into the public sector. We are immensely excited about utilizing OMNIA Partners' proven expertise in public sector procurement. It not only amplifies our capacity to provide our customers with a wider range of products and services, but it also fosters an environment of innovation and efficiency in our procurement processes.”

OMNIA Partners, the largest and most experienced organization in cooperative purchasing, is known for its commitment to transforming procurement in the public sector. The collaboration with OMNIA Partners further strengthens Thomas Scientific's dedication to providing competitive purchasing solutions and unparalleled value for a vast number of public agencies and educational institutions. Together, Thomas Scientific and OMNIA Partners aim to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation in public-sector procurement.

About Thomas Scientific

Founded in 1900, Thomas Scientific provides a comprehensive offering of supplies, equipment, chemicals, and solutions to the scientific community – supporting all laboratory testing and research needs. With a national network of nine distribution and service centers, supported by a highly technical commercial, customer service, and strategic sourcing organization, Thomas Scientific is an important partner to the scientific community. Thomas Scientific is also capable of integrating with Customer’s existing e-procurement platforms to help streamline purchasing.

About OMNIA Partners

NCPA is wholly-owned subsidiary of OMNIA Partners. NCPA's lead agency contracts completed under each brand are effective and available for use through the contract’s approved term. OMNIA Partners is the nation’s largest, most experienced, and most trusted resource in group purchasing and supply chain management. OMNIA Partners unites industry-leading purchasing power and market-leading suppliers to deliver an extensive and diverse portfolio for indirect and direct products and services in procurement. POWER. ACCESS. TRUST.

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