Explore the next generation of Orion Bench Meters

For 60 years, Orion lab products have helped scientists solve some of the most challenging issues facing society today. Whether they are used to bring safe drinking water to the community, test the quality and safety of food or beauty products or discover new drug therapies, Orion products deliver precise and accurate readings in the field and laboratory.

The newest line of lab products is the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Lab Star Series Meters. These meters are well suited for academics, water, wastewater, and other laboratories seeking a lightweight and easy-to-use instrument for electrochemistry testing.

Combined with Thermo Scientific Orion electrodes and solutions, Orion Lab Star Meters offer an economical option for testing and measuring pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen parameters.

The large display screen is backlit, making it easy to read and record sample measurements with ease. The meter’s small footprint also helps reduce the space required on your benchtop. The system also offers intuitive instructions for equipment set up and sample measurements. The pH meter also helps guide users through a step-by-step calibration process that helps make calibration easier than ever. 

The bench meters are offered with the instrument and required accessories, or in kit combinations with the recommended electrodes and solutions for working with a variety of viscous or non-viscous solutions.

Watch the below video to learn more about the Orion Lab Star Series Bench Meters and talk to your representative for more information on whether it’s a match for your laboratory needs.


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