Get In the Know! Considerations When Specifying Lab Seating…

When purchasing laboratory seating, it’s important to understand how the working postures and movements as well as the primary responsibilities of users within the numerous disciplines of the industry can differ dramatically from those of staff in the office and other more conventional work environments. A few variables to consider include the following:

  1.  What kind of laboratory are you outfitting? This question helps to categorize seating in terms of componentry, finishes, and special options such as the need for bleachable or antimicrobial upholstery, easy-wipe-down configurations vs. higher-rated clean room and/or electrostatic performance packages, etc.
  2. Specifically, what tasks are performed by laboratorians, researchers, or other science professionals? Considerations may include if work conducted is precise and up-close, such as microscopy; if workers frequently move from station to station; and, if the surface height at which tasks are conducted – bench height, desk-top height, or somewhere in between.
  3. Does the laboratory operate on single or multiple shifts? Seating durability can vary greatly depending on the brand or model selected. Regardless of the choice, it will impact the bottom line.
  4. Are custom applications a consideration? Workers with special needs or unique tasks can require a one-off solution.
  5. Are specific code requirements mandated? Ensure your seating choice meets fire and safety codes.

BioFit offers a comprehensive selection of precision-engineered ergonomic laboratory seating through Thomas Scientific, highlighted by our award-winning MVMT® series and popular ArmorSeat® chairs featuring antimicrobial properties.

BioFit MVMT Pro
BioFit Armorseat

Contact your Thomas Scientific representative for assistance in determining the BioFit seating model to best suit your laboratory needs.

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