Exploring Innovation: Thomas Scientific and NASPO ValuePoint Partnership

In the dynamic world of scientific research and procurement, finding reliable suppliers is paramount. With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for cutting-edge equipment and supplies, collaborations between scientific institutions and suppliers play a crucial role in driving innovation forward. One such collaboration that stands out is the partnership between Thomas Scientific and NASPO ValuePoint.

Thomas Scientific, a leading distributor of laboratory supplies and equipment, has joined forces with NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials) ValuePoint to provide state governments, and entities authorized by its state statutes,  with streamlined access to essential scientific products and services.

The webpage https://www.thomassci.com/naspo serves as a gateway to this collaborative effort, offering a comprehensive range of laboratory essentials tailored to meet the diverse needs of academic and government organizations.

Empowering Scientific Endeavors

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to empower scientific endeavors by facilitating efficient procurement processes. Through the Thomas Scientific-NASPO ValuePoint partnership, state governments and educational institutions gain access to an extensive catalog of laboratory supplies, equipment, and services from trusted brands.

Key Features of the Partnership

1. Streamlined Procurement: By leveraging the NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing program, institutions can benefit from simplified procurement procedures, saving time and resources in the acquisition of scientific supplies.

2. Diverse Product Portfolio: From basic laboratory consumables to sophisticated analytical instruments, the collaboration offers a wide array of products to support research and educational initiatives across various scientific disciplines.

3. Quality Assurance: Thomas Scientific is renowned for its commitment to quality, ensuring that all products meet stringent standards for performance and reliability. This assurance is particularly crucial in scientific settings where accuracy and precision are paramount.

4. Expert Guidance: With a team of knowledgeable professionals, Thomas Scientific provides expert guidance to help institutions navigate product selection, ensuring that they procure the most suitable solutions for their specific requirements.

Driving Innovation and Excellence

The Thomas Scientific-NASPO ValuePoint partnership transcends traditional supplier-customer relationships, fostering a collaborative ecosystem aimed at driving innovation and excellence in scientific endeavors. By streamlining procurement processes and providing access to high-quality products and services, the collaboration empowers institutions to focus their efforts on advancing research, education, and public service initiatives.


In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and complex scientific challenges, partnerships that facilitate access to essential resources are invaluable. The collaboration between Thomas Scientific and NASPO ValuePoint exemplifies the synergistic potential of public-private partnerships in advancing scientific pursuits. Through streamlined procurement processes, a diverse product portfolio, and unwavering commitment to quality, the partnership empowers institutions to pursue innovation and excellence with confidence, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society.

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