Foxx Life Sciences and Thomas Scientific Join Forces to Simplify Media Bottle Ordering

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Leading global Single-Use Systems manufacturer forms unique distribution channel with North America’s largest pure-play distributor to provide customizable sterile media bottle assemblies.

SWEDESBORO, NEW JERSEY and SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Foxx Life Sciences, a leading manufacturer of biotech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics products, has entered into an online distribution agreement with Thomas Scientific for the sale of their EZBio® Made To Order Media Bottle Assemblies (EZBio MTO).  The products will be made available for customization and ordering via a direct-to-consumer microsite hosted on the Thomas Scientific website,

Launched in February 2021 and previously only available through the Foxx website, the EZBio MTO service allows customers to select individual laboratory media bottle assembly components best suited to their project needs.  Selectable components include the volume and material of bottle, brand of TPE tubing, and type of fitting.

Thomas Scientific customers can now gain access to the EZBio service and product portfolio through the unique dedicated microsite. In contrast to traditional media bottle assembly ordering, the microsite’s customization provides users with increased flexibility, while cutting down significantly on lead time.

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"The Foxx Thomas EZBio MTO program is an SUT end user game changer,” asserted Foxx Life Sciences President/CEO Thomas Taylor.  “A few simple clicks and you have exactly what you are looking for with your tubing, your connectors, etc.  Foxx was the first in the world to create this SUT MTO program."

Available in Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PETG) and Polycarbonate (PC), EZBio MTO assemblies are ideal for bioprocess storage and sterile fluid transfers that typically require regulation.  Customers can use the microsite’s component selectors to choose from over 400 different combinations in just seconds, rather than dragging out sterile assembly development in the usual way.  This cuts down the standard 8-10 week lead time to just 4-6 in most instances.

The EZBio MTO microsite is a solid addition to a Foxx Life Sciences/Thomas Scientific portfolio that contains over 200 SKUs. It provides Foxx with added exposure to thousands more existing Thomas Scientific customers from a variety of applicable markets, including biopharma, diagnostics, life sciences, and cannabis.

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The agreement also aligns seamlessly with Thomas Scientific’s aim to provide solutions for the full scope of laboratory, controlled environment, and production workflows.  In this instance, customers will enjoy a hands-on, customizable ordering experience, while benefiting from direct access to more of the EZBio MTO product portfolio that Foxx has made available through Thomas.

Thomas Scientific Chief Commercial Officer Michael Klipstein further lauded the merits of the partnership: “This partnership with Foxx gives Thomas the ability to offer fast, flexible, single use solutions to all our customers.  It significantly broadens our ability to support them in their manufacturing suites.”

Click here to access the EZBio MTO microsite and learn more about the Foxx Life Sciences solutions available through Thomas Scientific.


About Thomas Scientific

Founded in 1900, Thomas Scientific provides the latest in supplies, equipment, and supply chain solutions to the scientific community – supporting all laboratory research, biopharmaceutical, medical device, clinical diagnostics, cleanroom, and other related end markets.  In accordance with our mission to be the most trusted partner in science for our customers, suppliers, and associates, we deliver individualized service and a comprehensive product portfolio at competitive prices, combined with customized supply chain service solutions.


About Foxx Life Sciences

Foxx Life Sciences is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and delivering an extensive range of high-quality Bioprocess products for life science, biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic research.  The company has been ISO 13485 certified for 11 years in a row and is an FDA Registered company. 


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