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  • Light blue. Non-latex. Latex protein free. 25 tourniquets per reel. Perforated every 18" for easy dispensing

  • focus quick-ship

    Dukal Corporation

    100% natural latex used for constricting or compression. Low powder content. High tensile and tear strength. Convenient packaging designed for kit assembly and resale. Latex free tourniquets feel like latex, are hypoallergenic, and have superior strength.

  • Dukal Corporation

    The Dukal Corporation tourniquet is made from 100% natural material that improves constriction and flexibility. The low powder-content of the tourniquet ensures high tensile and tear strength.

  • White, 1 x 18 inch latex-free elastic straps used to help restrict blood flow. Disposable to reduce cross contamination and infections between patients and healthcare providers. Latex-free. Tear resistant. Textured for non-slip performance. Individually r

  • Halyard Health

    Provides a protective covering for tourniquets, Prevents prepping solution from reaching either side of the cover—protecting the patient's skin from irritation, Outside made of blue Kraton film, Inside made of polyester felt, Product and packaging is natural rubber latex-free

  • Graham Medical

    100% latex free tourniquet that protects both patients and healthcare personnel alike from the dangers of latex allergies. Performs all the functions of the standard latex tourniquet. Patients appreciate the smooth comfort and ease of application. Strong with superior elasticity and tear-resistance…

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