Random Mutagenesis Kit

Random mutagenesis kits are specialized tools used for introducing random mutations into DNA sequences, facilitating the study of gene function and protein engineering. These kits use various methods like error-prone PCR, chemical mutagenesis, or molecular breeding to create a diverse library of mutants.

Key features include high mutation rates, compatibility with a range of templates, and simple instructions, which makes them easy to operate. The kits often come with all necessary components, such as enzymes, buffers, and control DNA.

By using these kits, researchers can rapidly generate and identify mutations that lead to desired traits in proteins or organisms, significantly supporting the fields of biotechnology and genetic research. This streamlined approach to mutagenesis allows for efficient exploration of genetic variations, contributing to advancements in drug development and synthetic biology.
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Random Mutagenesis Kits

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  • Agilent Genomics

    Produce more uniform mutational spectra during error-prone PCR. Superior mutagenesis over a wide target range of 0.1 kb to 6 kb Easily change mutation frequency by altering the concentration of the input template Delivers efficient mutagenesis rates of 1 to 16 bases per kb;More…