Lab Clamps, Stands & Supports

Durable laboratory clamps and supports are essential within the lab and can assist with the holding of test tubes and flasks.
Lab clamps securely hold equipment in place and prevent accidental movements or spillages during applications. Benefit from a hands-free operation, precise positioning, and adjustment features to achieve clear and accurate results.
Options include three-prong clamps, perfect for clamping glassware and apparatus to a ring stand. Thermometer clamps carry features of adjustable 360-rotating jaws and are suitable for attaching ½ diameter rods and thermometers.
Clamps are available in various designs and sizes and are carefully constructed to be compatible with other lab accessories to ensure convenience and ease of use. Safety features can also reduce the risk of accidents and spillages.
Lamp clamp accessories include lab stands, beaker stands, and tripod burner stands, which will assist you with achieving smooth, accurate results.

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  • United Scientific Supplies

    Tall form clear quartz glass crucibles are ideal for applications that require ashing of samples. Quartz material offers low expansion, dimensional stability, and thermal shock resistance. Can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 1050°C (1922°F). Lids are also manufactured from quartz…

  • Ohaus

    Lightweight rings mount funnels, boiling flasks, and other irregular shaped objects to lab-frames. Open ring section allows items to pass in and out of support area easily, reducing risk of breakage. Aluminum construction.

  • Multi-purpose UltraJaws Heavy-Duty Clamps feature an innovative closed yoke construction that minimizes contamination and corrosion of internal components. The unique design enables secure gripping and positioning with added strength and durability. Available in both single and dual prong…

  • Steel rod, zinc-plated extension support rings. Rod diameter 7 mm (0.27”) and the straight rod portion of each is 7.25” (184 mm) long. Open support rings are ideal for use with funnels, boiling flasks, and separatory funnels.

  • Large grip adjustment range 3-prong construction Single or dual adjust Nickel-plated zinc Designed to securely hold every type of laboratory glassware and apparatus. Long, seamless nickle-plated brass tubing attaches clamp head securely and offers easy positioning in the deepest…

  • These safe, simple and strong tubing clamps can be used on thin or heavy-wall tubing. Made of plated steel, the clamps incorporate a large aluminum knurled adjusting nut.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Nickel plated steel. Overall length 5".

  • Vee Gee Scientific

    SIBATA 47mm Filtration Filter Holder Components are available as replacement components, or to create a customized filter holder. Available with fritted glass support base for general and biological applications, or with removable stainless steel screen support base and PTFE gasket for ultraclean…

  • Ohaus

    Holds large round or irregular shaped objects firmly, yet gently to lab-frames and rods. Quick and secure slip-on chain connection with large, easy-to-turn adjusting knob. Extension arm allows user to vary distance from the frame. Available as stainless steel clamp constructed entirely of stainless…

  • MilliporeSigma

    Aldrich benchclamp clamps have a nickel-plated finish and are corrosion resistant. The clamps come with slip-on fiberglass finger covers. The Grippy Knob design has a round nut which is easy to turn making tightening the clamps around glassware fast and convenient. Round extension arms allow the…

  • Steel support plate for lab use 3.75" diameter plate 6" stem length 8mm stem diameter, 1mm plate thickness Great addition to any lab setup! This steel support plate from Eisco Labs has a 3.75" diameter with a 6" stem length for an 8.75" total length. It is a versatile and durable component of…

  • Designed to safely and conveniently secure compressed gas cylinders in an upright position. Accommodates cylinders 4-1/2" to 11" (114mm to 279mm) in diameter. The heavy-duty clamp with adjustable thumbscrews fits conveniently on any bench up to 2" (51mm) thick without marring the surface.

  • Bellco Glass

    Flask clamps and universal platforms for shakers. Fits onto standard platforms. Purchase individual pieces to build various configurations. Specifications: 25x25cm Tray Accepts 9 51x51cm Tray Accepts 25

  • Exceptional stability and control Stainless steel construction Seven sizes for any application Autoclavable and chemical-resistant Heavy-duty stainless steel lab-lifts are very stable lifting platforms that offer exceptionally high strength and durability. Constructed of…

  • Excellent for use in severe corrosive conditions, this heavy-duty support stand is made of polypropylene with metal screws. · Measuring 21.5 x 40.5 x 5cmH (8.5 x 16 x 1¾"), the base has a smooth surface for easy cleaning and weighs 2.5kg (5½lbs) for stability ·…

  • Chemglass

    CLAMPS, BURET, Clamp will hold two burets from micro to 100mL. Spring loaded mechanism adjusts simply by squeezing, yet hold buret firmly in place. Mounts directly to standard support rod with built in hook connector. Constructed of epoxy coated aluminum with vinyl jaws. CHEMGLASS LAB CLAMPS,…

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    A Standard Taper clamp made of corrosion-free stainless spring wire.

  • The support feet are of non-ferrous alloy, two inches in diameter, 16mm high, with set screw for fastening lattice frame rods. Provided without mounting screws. Foot has four holes for attaching to bench, floor or wall.

  • 3-Prong Univeral Clamp with Extra Large Bosshead INDUSTRIAL QUALITY High performance, die casted metal retort clamp, suitable for holding irregular shaped items. The clamp features three, vinyl coated prongs that are specifically designed for maximum traction and grip DOUBLE…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Self closing brass test tube clamp with finger grips and without finger grips

  • Firmly grasps glass distillation columns of varying sizes and odd-shaped glassware Constructed of stainless steel with strong, chromed-brass band and chain Offers a 152mm (5.98") long extension arm The flat thumbscrew/worm-drive design permits maximum tightening and quick removal

  • Humboldt

    This clamp can be instantly detached from vertical surfaces such as heaters. It is constructed of aluminum and incorporates a 5/16"-18 by 1-1/4" steel thumbscrew. The clamp is 1-3/16" wide by 2-15/16" (30mm x 59mm) long and measures 1-3/8" (35mm) from muff center to the dovetail.

  • Rugged stainless steel deck and lift mechanism for long life in corrosive environments Ideal for use in fume hoods, solution-baths, marine and industrial laboratories Support miniflasks, jars, columns, large baths, magnetic stirrers, heaters and more Resistant to sanitizing…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands with rods come complete with a stamped steel base with black enamel finish and a removeable zinc plated steel rod.

  • Chemglass

    PTFE support ring used to support round bottom flasks or cylindrical reaction vessels.

  • Lee Engineering

    Extend the length of your lab frame rods. This strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy connector permits end-to-end joining of 12.7 mm (1/2") rods in diameter. Precision machining ensures rod alignment. Comes with two set screws for adjustment.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands feature a heavy cast iron base with black enamel finish. Each base includes a removable zinc plated rod.

  • Thomas No. 8613Q26 For fastening the holding rod H 38 to the support rod H 16 V. Clamping range - stand: 10 - 11 mm Clamping range - extension arm: 11 mm Material: cast aluminium Thomas No. 1207N21 For fastening the T 10 basic to the stand ST 104 (included with delivery of T 10…

  • Lee Engineering

    Joins rod frames in the same or different planes. Open throat construction permits rods to be lifted out without having to be pulled through. Setups can remain unchanged when shifting individual members. Accommodates 12.7 mm (1/2") rod. Rods are locked with 1/4"-20 hex screws. Non ferrous…

  • 17" Support Rod Kit is ideal for creating an adjustable support stand to mount various items such as thermometer clamps, temperature probes, flasks and column clamps. The kit allows users to mount a 17" vertical support rod to the deck of a 6" x 6", 8" x 8" or 10"…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    This Lattice Lab System features an assortment of aluminum rods from 18" to 48" long including 10 rods that are 48" long.  Assembly is easy and requres only a screwdriver.  Support rods are made of hard aluminum and foot plates and hook connectors are made of cast…

  • Bolt latch clamp secures the top of Scale-Up Series™ reaction flask to our stand.

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