Universal Animal Restrainers

Universal animal restrainers, including mouse restrainers and rodent surgery boards from renowned brands like SP Bel-Art and Plas-Labs, are essential tools designed to handle and restrain animals during various laboratory procedures.

These lab restrainers offer precise and humane immobilization, ensuring the safety of both researchers and animals. Suitable for various animal-related applications, these products facilitate procedures involving injections, surgeries, or behavioral studies.

They feature durable construction and ergonomic designs, enabling researchers to maintain efficient working and animal comfort.

Compatible with various laboratory setups, these restrainers seamlessly integrate with other equipment, enhancing experimental capabilities. Whether for biomedical research, pharmaceutical development, or behavioral experiments, these lab restrainers offer versatility and reliability.

Explore our collection of universal animal restrainers today for dependable tools that meet diverse experimental needs with precision and care.

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  • This is perhaps the most effective style available for three basic reasons: Ease of use and access to the rodent Prevention of the animal's ability to turn Safety for the animal handler

  • Chamber length varies by changing position of gate in vertical slots Hopper separated from chamber by perforated front plate; can also be used to hold anesthesia Elongated slot in floor allows subcutaneous, intramuscular or intraperitoneal injection Tail of animal protrudes through slot in…

  • Lightweight and portable Fast acting, tie down cleats Five quick-tie, nylon restraint cords Rabbit Surgery Boards feature formed, one-piece construction to provide long service life and durability. The center depressed slope allows for fast positioning of animal. Constructed of white,…

  • Fabricated of rigid, clear acrylic plastic, these animal restrainers have removable head and tail gates. Head gate has breathing holes; fits into any of four positions for various sizes of rodents Tail gate allows maximum closeness of occluding cuff to body Inner raised floor may be…

  • Completely transparent Durable Easy to clean Injection cones are extremely useful for large quantity sampling where high speed and efficiency are required. Suction cup feet provide a secure work device. Dimensions (length x height x opening, inches): 5.75 x 5 x 4.

  • Plas-Labs

    Clear acrylic construction provides total observation of animal Highly polished edges prevent chafing Non-slip surface provides better footing Clear acrylic aids in retaining body warmth The non-slip surface also helps calm the animal and is easier on the animal’s…

  • The Safe, Fast, and Accurate Way to Work with Mice Feature rich and budget friendly, this high throughput Mouse Restrainer with Dorsal Access takes care of the basics, so your hands are free for the important tasks. The easy-to-use entry funnel and tube with two gate positions allows quick,…

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