Anaerobic Systems & Jars

Anaerobic systems are ideal for maintaining a controlled environment within the lab and include chemical reactions that thrive without oxygen.
Options available are anaerobic jars, anaerobic containers, and anaerobic sachets suitable for various applications.
Gaspak anaerobic jars are ideal for creating and maintaining an oxygen-free environment and can utilize chemical reactions to remove oxygen from the jar, providing a controlled atmosphere.
Incubators create an oxygen-free atmosphere for growing and maintaining cultures, and they can maintain the necessary temperature for humidity to encourage anaerobic growth.
Accessories include bioreactors that allow complete control of the environmental factors, including the sample’s pH, temperature, and nutrient levels.
Anaerobic systems are crucial for sample isolation and maintaining microorganisms in pure culture for extended applications.
They are ideal for environmental sampling applications and are excellent storage solutions to maintain the integrity of samples during transport and analysis.

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Anaerobic Systems

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  • The GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Container Systems are multi-use systems that produce atmospheres suitable to support the primary isolation and cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic, or capnophilic bacteria by use of gas generating sachets inside multi-use incubation containers. …

  • Catalyst-free, waterless environmental generation products Largest standard pouch capacity available Ziplock-style pouch closures Containers with removable Petri dish racks BD GasPak EZ Containers (1094M04, M07, M10, M13) Features easy-close latches. Stackable, shatter…

  • Catalyst Replacement Charges (1094G45) For use in the GasPak 100™ and GasPak 150™ GasPak® Dry Anaerobic Indicator Strips (1094L55) Strip changes from blue to colorless in the absence of oxygen

  • This anaerobic jar is specially formulated for temperature stability and durability. It’s unbreakable, lightweight, transparent and, of course, autoclavable. Double screw clamp, coupled with the patented Quad Ring, ensures a more positive seal, superior to conventional O-rings. It also…

  • Self-contained anaerobic systems featuring the exclusive BBL room temperature catalyst Uses GasPak or GasPak Plus™ hydrogen and carbon dioxide generator envelope; does not require vacuum pumps, gas tanks, manometers or pressure-reducing valves. GasPak products are utilized for the…

  • Self-contained anaerobic systems featuring the exclusive BBL room temperature catalyst GasPak products are utilized for the generation of anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-enriched atmospheres. The generation of these atmospheres is achieved either with gas-generating tablets or…

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