Notable Native American Influences on Science

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we have gathered together some of the most notable Native American figures who have greatly influenced the world of science, as well as the amazing technologies developed by Native American tribes. Thomas Scientific is deeply honored to highlight these Scientists and Innovations to learn more about the lasting impact of Native American Influence.

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Thomas Scientific Lands New 5-Year Contract with Florida State University

The deal builds on Thomas’s strong market momentum by creating customer-centric solutions, leveraging the company’s capabilities as North America’s largest pure-play distributor serving science. Read More >

Increase Lab Productivity with High-Quality Tubes and Vials

Caplugs Evergreen’s high-quality single-use tubes and vials include standard features that can offer enhanced resiliency and increased productivity by helping to eliminate common errors.

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Thomas Scientific Accelerates Investment in its Controlled Environments Team

An industry leading team of controlled environment (CE) and supply chain experts drive and lead the technical application of products, inventory solutions, and productivity improvements for Thomas Scientific’s customers and supplier partners. Read More >

How to Select the Right Lab Chair

With so many seating solutions in the market, it can be challenging to sift through all of the options to determine your optimal fit.  Allow us to walk you through some of the factors you should take into consideration when selecting which chair to purchase.

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How to Choose the Right Wipe for Your Cleanroom

When choosing cleanroom wipes, it is important to establish key performance criteria for each cleaning environment and application.  Select the right wipes that can deliver on those metrics.

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Notable Hispanic American Influences on Science

In honor of Hispanic American Heritage Month, we have gathered a few notable Hipsanic American figures who have greatly influenced the world of science. Discover these scientists below to learn a little bit about their backgrounds and the lasting impact their work has had on the lives of millions of people. Read More >

Level Up on Hotplate Safety

Heidolph is committed to a higher safety standard in chemistry lab equipment.  The Hei-Plate hotplate line is designed with safety of the user and product as its main priority.  The features included will not just mechanically increase safety but also give feedback to users to assist with their own safety practices.

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Delta Variant Shows Growing Need for Safer Universal COVID-19 Test Sample Transport

Thomas Scientific partners with Truckee Applied Genomics to offer products supporting safer and more reliable COVID testing.

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How to Choose the Ideal Laboratory and Biotechnology Cleaning Product

With hundreds of cleaning products available on the market, it may be hard to identify which product will suit your laboratory needs. Here are five questions that can help you select the best laboratory and biotechnology cleaning product for your applications.

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6 Reasons to Stop Preparing Your Own Analytical Standards in the Lab

Custom certified reference materials (CRMs) from Inorganic Ventures represent an easier, faster way to secure the right analytical standard reference material for your specific use case. Read More >

Thomas Scientific Launches Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Thomas Inventory Management Solutions will help scientific customers sidestep common operational and logistical pain points.

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Thomas Scientific Named a Preferred Distributor of HALYARD* PUREZERO* Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves

Thomas Scientific, the largest pure-play distributor of scientific products in the United States, announced today that it has been named a preferred distributor of HALYARD* PUREZERO* Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves.  

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How to Reduce Risk and Chemical Consumption in Critical Cleaning

When it comes to operations, improvements to safety often come with an increase to costs. In fact, cleaning procedures for cleanrooms and critical environments are typically chosen for a balance between the two...

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Thomas Scientific Achieves ISO Certification

ISO certification is a globally recognized standard for products, services, and processes that ensures quality and safety.

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National Hemp Month: Cannabinoids and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is one of the most common health conditions among veterans. Treatments range from some form of therapy modality to pharmaceutical medication Read More >

Thomas Scientific Lands Agilent as Distribution Partner

The nation's largest pure-play distributor of scientific products continues their strong growth through agreement with industry leader

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New Items To Reduce Risk & Maintain Compliance

It’s more than just keeping your facility clean, having spill control products on hand helps your operation reduce risk and maintain compliance while your employees are safe and more productive. 

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Microbix Announces Quality Products Distribution Agreement

Appointment of Thomas Scientific as U.S. Distributor

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Disposable Nitrile Glove Market Update

Although glove prices appear to be stabilizing in the US over the past several months, there are current conditions in Asia that may affect the availability of supplies between now and the end of the year. These factors may negatively impact the production of nitrile exam and cleanroom gloves in Malaysia, and increase delays on shipments in the US market.

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Keep Your Labware Safe With These Decontamination and Disinfection Methods

Decontaminating and disinfecting your plastic labware is essential to keeping your research safe! Here are some tips and best practices for cleaning your lab space and Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labware, which will help ensure you are able to maintain a safe working environment. Read More >

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for STEM Programs

As college enrollment in STEM programs continues to rise improving safety in university labs will become critical. To keep students and faculty safe, follow Good Laboratory Practice guidelines and comply with regulations...

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How to Easily Isolate RNA Using Guanidine Thiocyanate

Due to the emergence of COVID-19, RNA- and DNA-based viral research is crucial to help identify pathogenic viruses with epidemic potential. As the need for viral research increases, the demand for items such as GTC continues to rise.

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Scientific Advancements in Mental Health

Scientific research plays a large roll on how different parts of the brain effect mental health. There are many precursors linked to mental disorders that are still being explored today. Over the last decade, there have been many studies into mental health including:

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Reditus Laboratories Joins Forces with Thomas Scientific for Expanded Distribution

Illinois-based full-service pathology lab boosts capabilities of its manufacturing arm through supplier partnership with 120+ year industry veteran.

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